Kleptocrazy.my has been archived

Kleptocrazy.my was a website that C4 Center launched in May 2017 in conjunction with the 'Kleptocrazy: Declare Your Assets Now!' campaign. Its goal was to actively and to directly involve Malaysians in combating corruption and abuse of power on an interactive platform in three ways: (1) to track public officials’ unexplained wealth or assets by taking photos or videos and submitting them online. (2) to cultivate a culture of whistleblowing and public-oriented reporting among the public. (3) to get formal sources from the annual Auditor General’s reports on mismanagement, leakages and malpractices in the government sectors.

However, with the new change in government in Malaysia since May 2018, C4 Center has repivoted its efforts to slightly different directions. As a result, Kleptocrazy will no longer be actively maintained. An archival copy of Kleptocrazy.my will still available for public records at c4center.org/kleptocrazy.my

We thank our friends and public so far for their support in making the website and campaign a success. Please keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter for when we announce new projects in the future.