About C4 Internship Programme

The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center) upholds important principles of good governance; Clean, Conscious, Competent and Credible. We are an independent, non-partisan, and non- profit entity advancing democratic freedom, reforms, and policy change; working together with both the people and the authorities in identifying and eradicating corruption and cronyism at all levels of government. Respected across the political divide, we are known for our investigative, evidence-based, and fearless whistleblowing work. We seek to open up government and change the culture of governance by placing accountability, transparency and integrity at the heart of public policy and administration. 

Our main advocacy areas are: 

  1. Good Governance & Anti-Corruption
  2. Cross Border Corruption
  3. Conflict of Interest & Political Patronage
  4. Political Financing
  5. Public Procurement
  6. Right to Information 

Our internship program will consist of the following: 

  • Assisting our investigative officers in research work. 
  • Assisting our content officer in tracking and monitoring our government’s anti-corruption initiatives. 
  • Assisting our communications officer in infographics for the purpose of educating and advocating the public on corruption and other issues. 
  • Group project: exhibition board materials for C4. 
  • Other ad-hoc tasks. 

At the end of the internship program, our interns will not only build their knowledge and skills in a thought provoking environment, they will also gain experience that will be beneficial to their personal and professional growth, working together alongside our experienced full-time staff in helping out in the day- to-day operations at a policy advocacy organisation. 

If you are interested to join our internship program, kindly write in your application to c4center@gmail.com