Launching of Kleptocrazy Malaysia

C4 Center will launch its brand new website called "Kleptocrazy Malaysia" and organize a forum titled "Kleptocrazy Malaysia: Declare Your Assets Now! on May 12, 2017. Register here, first come first serve:

Kleptocrazy Malaysia: Declare Your Assets Now, a campaign coordinated by C4 Center as one of the leading civil society organizations in partnership with other sectors of society, aims to provide an interactive platform for Malaysians to be actively and directly involved in combating corruption and abuse of power in three ways:

Firstly, to track public officials’ unexplained wealth or assets by taking photos or videos and submitting them online. Secondly, to cultivate a culture of whistleblowing and public-oriented reporting among the public. Thirdly, to get formal sources from the annual Auditor General’s reports on mismanagement, leakages and malpractices in the government sectors.