Halal status: Disclosure of investigation report

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PUTRAJAYA: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has been asked to disclose to the public the results and methodology of the investigation carried out after confirming that Thomas Foods Industries in Australia complied with the requirements of Malaysian halal slaughter standards and regulations on animals set by the Australian authorities.

Speaking to Utusan Malaysia, the Center for Combating Cronyism and Corruption (C4 Center) said Jakim also confirmed that Jakim’s Halal Attaché Officer in Canberra, who conducted a periodic audit on the slaughterhouse on March 2, found that it complied with the rules.

It follows the newspaper’s revelation regarding ‘Slaughterhouses in Australia supply 45 percent of meat to Malaysia does not follow Islamic law – Halal status is doubtful’ by quoting the revelation by the President of the People’s Community Organization (Pekemas), Faizan Mohd. Nor and the citizen independent researcher, Murray Hunter.

In that regard, the C4 Center called on the Malaysian Anti -Corruption Commission (MACC) to continue to conduct an independent and open investigation into this issue which is also related to the meat cartel and provide a transparent report on the progress of the investigation as revealed two years ago.

“C4 Center calls on Jakim to disclose to the public the results and methodology of their investigation for the sake of transparency and public scrutiny.

“The integrity and transparency of government agencies must be ensured, especially when it involves matters that are tied to the faith and spirituality of many Malaysians,” he said here yesterday.

Last Thursday, Utusan Malaysia revealed that there were sheep slaughterhouses in Australia that were recognized by Malaysia and Singapore, which were found to be violating halal slaughter protocols.

According to witness-supported reports, the sheep were drowned in the blood collected from a previously slaughtered animal and not because the animal was slaughtered as per the requirements of halal slaughter requirements.

Following that, the Chief Activist of the Malaysian Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM), Datuk Nadzim Johan last Saturday said, his party will uncover more issues of imported meat whose halal status is doubtful.

In the meantime, C4 Center said, the MACC had previously opened an investigation into the meat cartel and the matter brought charges against those involved in the activity.

In May last year, four assistant enforcement officers of the Malaysian Quarantine and Inspection Services Department (Maqis) and a logistics company owner were charged in Johor Bahru.

However, he said, further information on further investigations was insufficient.

“The operation of the meat cartel was widely exposed, possibly involving many high -ranking government officials. The detention of some officers is possible among ‘anchovies’ only.

“Further investigation by the MACC is necessary to curb the operation of the meat cartel at its roots. The possibility of cross -border meat cartel operations involving allegations of corruption by other state agencies also needs further investigation and the MACC must clarify if other jurisdictions are participating in this investigation, ”he said. UTUSAN




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