After suit, C4 questions Azam’s previous backing for whistleblowers

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Video link: Withdraw whistleblower lawsuit, declare assets instead, C4 tells Azam

The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) has questioned whether the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission chief Azam Baki’s previous support for whistleblowers was merely lip service.

This follows a lawsuit filed by Azam against anti-corruption activist Lalitha Kunaratnam, who had written a two-part article, backed by publicly accessible documents, detailing Azam’s alleged ownership of millions of shares in two public-listed companies.

“Azam’s hostile response serves as yet another devastating blow to the credibility of the MACC, an institution already wrecked by corruption and criminal scandals involving its own officers,” it said in a statement today.

“It is the cruelest irony that it is Azam, of all people, who should be assisting Lalitha to obtain whistleblower protection.”

C4 also claimed that Azam had informed the media of his support for amendments to the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 on Nov 17 last year.

“I believe more people will be able to become whistleblowers if they are confident that the relevant laws are there to protect them,” it quoted him as saying.

However, it said that “as proven by this case, its provisions are completely insufficient for the purpose of protection. They do not encourage or give confidence to potential whistleblowers to come forward with information”.

It said Azam should withdraw the letter of demand and prove to the public that the MACC genuinely advocated whistleblower protection.

“He must cease with threats to whistleblowers and, amid the mounting criticism, declare his assets at once,” it said.


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