C4 Center wants MACC probed, says complete revamp needed

Topic: MACC Independence
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The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) is calling for an independent investigation into the recent allegations implicating MACC officials.

In a statement, C4 cited the case of the RM25 million evidence money seized from former spy chief Hasanah Abdul Hamid which was allegedly stolen by three MACC officers.

They also raised the alleged involvement of one of the MACC officers in drug trafficking, saying this has shocked and outraged Malaysians.

“This bizarre revelation crushes, in entirety, the people’s trust towards what is supposedly an independent public institution entrusted to fight corruption in the country.

“When an ‘independent’ institution tasked to investigate financial crimes is among those found to be involved in such severe criminal activities punishable by the law of the state, it signals a serious and dysfunctional system facing the nation today.

“The latest saga involving the MACC constitutes a national security threat, especially when the graft-busters themselves exhibit evidence of collusion with underworld gangs and participation in their criminal activities,” said C4.

It also cited a case on Thursday when two MACC officers were charged at the Sessions Court in Johor Bahru for cheating an enforcer of RM40,000 — purportedly to ‘settle’ the latter’s case.

“One of them who pleaded guilty to the crime was MACC Kluang branch assistant superintendent!

“The scene of the two officers fleeing helter-skelter outside the courts to a waiting car left us all shell-shocked and disgraced,” it said.

C4 also raised another case earlier this year in April, of two other MACC officers who were detained under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (Sosma).

They were allegedly linked to the notorious Nicky Gang organised crime syndicate but were eventually released on bail pending further prosecution evidence.

“The fight against corruption is now deeply shackled by these incessant occurrences involving the Commission’s staff and, certainly, it cannot be left to internal investigations to resolve them.

“Serious efforts must be made to address this problem as soon as possible,” said C4.

It called for:

  1. An independent probe to be immediately set up involving experts in financial crime, outside the MACC and the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), who are not connected to both institutions
  2. The National Anti-Financial Crime Centre (NAFCC) to take the lead in establishing an independent probe into the rising transgressions within the MACC involving its officials
  3. The speeding-up of investigations and prosecutions to ensure such incidents do not occur again
  4. Law Minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar to prioritise reforms to the MACC (using C4 memorandum jointly released with Malaysian Bar in 2015), and restructure the MACC urgently to ensure its full independence
  5. The Advisory Board of the MACC to hold its leadership accountable and give its fullest cooperation to the independent investigation

C4 said such reforms are needed urgently and the current government, in all its promises for reform in exchange for political stability, must prioritise giving MACC full independence and autonomy.

“Take the correct measures to rectify the situation now before our country slides further down the slope of destruction,” it added.


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