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In the News

C4 calls for candour on Kidex

Putrajaya, Shah Alam, the PJ city council and the company must respect the public's right to know.'

The era of government knows best is long over!

It’s not unusual for the construction of a major infrastructure project such as a highway to be met with protests from affected communities.

C4 has been recognized internationally

Our director and spokesperson Ms Cynthia Gabriel has been invited for OGP Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

The Auditor General Report 2013 (1st Series) - A sorry saga

THE burst of concerns to the contents of the 1st series of the Auditor General Report 2013, was not unexpected.

A-G report shows M’sia ‘bleeding itself to death’

The repeated wastage of public funds and the lack of political will to make the corrections will slowly lead the nation to its demise, the Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4) cautioned in a statement today.

Malaysia Political will needed to stop the rot revealed in AG’s report, says anti-graft watchdog

Political will is needed if Putrajaya is serious about stopping corrupt practices as revealed in the latest Auditor General’s Report 2013, a new anti-graft watchdog said today.

Tribute to Irene Fernandez

Cynthia did a special tribute on Radio Australia, on the legendary life of Irene Fernandez - a giant among Malaysians, a legend among mankind, a true daughter of Malaysia, and an undying torchbearer for justice.

Radio interview: Corruption Issue in Malaysia

When corruption happens at the decision levels, the bulk is then passed on to the people with higher prices for goods and services and taxes.

Selangor's Water Deal: Disclose details, Declassify MOU

SELANGOR”s water deal with the Federal government has added to the growing controversy and hullaballoo engulfing PKR leaders.

C4 explodes amid kangkung and whistle-blowing

A new body calling itself C4 was launched with much kangkung waving, whistleblowing and singing of songs.