C4 Annual Report 2016

2 years 9 months
Our nation is in crisis. 2016, was in a nutshell nothing short of painful. We witnessed frightful rollbacks on civic freedoms, accountability of government, and the rule of law. In our Annual Report 2016, we present the summary of our continued strive against grand corruptions

C4 Annual Report 2015

3 years 8 months
We are pleased to share with you C4's annual activity report for 2015 in online format. Its been only two years since we set up. Despite the short time since we set up, we have strive hard to fight corruption and is a leading voice in civil society in Malaysia.

Political Financing Reforms

3 years 11 months

Analysis of Budget 2016 and the State of Budget Transparency in Malaysia

4 years 4 days
Following the announcement of Budget 2016, various Members of Parliament and civil society organisations had attempted to point out shortcomings and anomalies in the most recent budget with the intention of recommending improvements to the governance of public resources.