Consultation Session on UNCAC

Reviewers from Timor Leste and Swaziland will audit Malaysia for two chapters (preventive measures and asset recovery) on 4th July 2017.

Launching of Kleptocrazy Malaysia

C4 Center will launch its brand new website called "Kleptocrazy Malaysia" and organize a forum titled "Kleptocrazy Malaysia: Declare Your Assets Now! on May 12, 2017.

Freedom of Information: Lecture on Access to Information

C4 and Persatuan Mahasiswa Sejarah, Politik dan Strategi (PESEPSI) jointly organized a lecture on "Access to Information: The Law in Malaysia and the International Covenant"

Freedom of Information: The Role of Community

C4 and JKP Zone 6 Selayang Municipal Council jointly organized a workshop on freedom of information with local communities on 8th April 2017.

New Batch of Law Students at C4 Center

C4 CENTER just received a new batch of law students this week. The interns will start their sessions with us for the next 14 weeks to look into the relationships between law and corruption and transparency in Malaysia. In collaboration with the Selangor Bar, C4 invests in young mind and young professional as the country belongs to them in the future.

Our forest governance program continued in Johol

The programme was aimed at empowering Orang Asli of Johol with information, helping lodge complaints, and giving them opportunity to dialogue with relevant agencies

Thai TV Interview

Malaysia 1MDB corruption scandal and political crackdown continues to attract regional interest

Fact finding mission in Langkawi

C4 with partners discussing the impact of tourism industry in Langkawi (14th to 16th January 2017)

C4 attends the ASEAN Strategy Setting Workshop

Setting the agenda for Southeast Asia. Event hosted by Transparency International and Transparency International Cambodia.