Webinar & Report Launch - Malaysia is not a "Garbage Dump" - by C4 Center & Sahabat Alam Malaysia (SAM)

Malaysia has been a "Garbage Dump" since 2018. Illegal dumpsites and factories continue to destroy our environment, pollute our air, and cause health problems for nearby communities.

What are the challenges faced in managing this global problem? What is the impact of foreign plastic waste in Malaysia? What are the solutions? Should countries ban the export of plastic waste?

C4 Center & Sahabat Alam Malaysia, organised a webinar featuring an impressive list of experts, local and international speakers, including former minister, YB Yeo Bee Yin on Tuesday, 16th March 4.00pm (MYT).

Kuala Langat, Kearah Pusat Pencemaran

Adakah tadbir urus alam sekitar dikendalikan dengan baik di negara kita? Adakah terdapat unsur-unsur politik dan pihak dengan konflik kepentingan yang meletakkan keuntungan sebelum rakyat (profit before people)? Apakah hubungan antara korupsi, pencemaran, kesihatan awam dan hak asasi manusia?

Ikuti Sesi Perbincangan secara Facebook Live anjuran SUARAM & C4.


C4 Webinar: Is there any real protection for whistleblowers?

C4 Center  is leading a campaign on Whistleblower protection and one of the activity is national consultation to propose the necessary amendments to the act, in collaboration  with the Governance, Integrity, Anti-Corruption Center (GIACC)  and Law Department  in the  Prime  Minister Department (BHEUU).

A first round table Webinar (Series 1) was held on November 6, 2020  entitled:  Whistleblowers Vital to Break the Chain of Corruption. Is There Protection?

National Stakeholders Consultation on the Right to Information Legislation

On 27 November 2019, C4 Center attended the National Stakeholders Consultation on the Right to Information Legislation, organised by the Centre for Independent Journalism ( CIJ Malaysia ) and the Coalition of CSOs on Freedom of Expression (FoE) in collaboration with the Legal Affairs Division of the Prime Minister's Department (BHEUU).


Workshop: The Role of Youth in Improving Transparent Governance

This workshop touched on issues of corruption and how it destroys our community and how it is affecting our society; also to raise awareness on the concept of integrity and good values. The program was designed to help participants look into themselves as the cause of the problem.  Our goal was to inspire young people whom are involved in this porgram to be able to bring back and create a wave of positive energies in the environment they live in. They need to be the voice of change and soldiers of good values in our society. This was a unique and critical workshop. Youths are the future leaders of our contry. The reform towards a corruption-free Malaysia begins with them. 

The workshop was held on 10 December 2019 in conjunction of International Anti-Corruption Day (9 Dec) and International Human Rights Day (10 Dec). It was also the first of its kind ever organised specifically for youths in the State Government of Perak.

Forum: Procurement, Corruption Free is the Way to Be

C4 Center in collaboration with Institut Integriti Malaysia conducted a Forum on Public Procurement in September 2019. This event was aimed to provide a platform for government officials to be more engaged in issues related to the fight against corruption in government procurement, and to encourage active participant of relevant government officials, contractors and project consultants in efforts to raise awareness, encourage integrity, and ensure accountability and transparency. Over 200 participants attended from the procurement, internal audit and integrity department, from the Head of Departments to executive level.

Conflict of Interest: Analysis & Recommendation on Preventing Political Patronage and Corruption in Malaysia.

Conflict of Interest: Preventing Political Patronage and Corruption in Malaysia Report was launched on 21 February 2019.