Social Media Statement: Perak State to build a Concerning dinosaur park in UNESCO’s Kinta Valley Geopark

C4 Center with deep concerns expresses our dissatisfaction pertaining to Perak State’s decision to build a ‘Dinosaur Park’ over Kinta Valley Geopark. This park will jeopardise the cave and karst natural ecosystems and eventually taint the effort to obtain UNESCO status for the geopark. It is critical for the state to comply with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) guidelines on buffer zones as stated under the Department of Environment (DOE)’s Guidelines for the Siting and Zoning of Industries. 

Although the EIA is only a set of guidelines for the stakeholders to follow, it is still important for NRECC (The Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change Ministry) to enhance our environmental governance law by mandating a safe buffer zone for every proposed project, especially when it’s near natural terrain to maintain the ecosystem surrounding that area and to also ensure the safety of visitors. 

Thus, we urge the state government to reconsider the development of a dinosaur park and prioritise preserving our natural heritage as part of Malaysia’s eco-tourism efforts, particularly within the existing Kinta Valley caves and karst conservation. 

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