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Tribute to Irene Fernandez

5 years 5 months
Cynthia did a special tribute on Radio Australia, on the legendary life of Irene Fernandez - a giant among Malaysians, a legend among mankind, a true daughter of Malaysia, and an undying torchbearer for justice.

Radio interview: Corruption Issue in Malaysia

5 years 5 months
When corruption happens at the decision levels, the bulk is then passed on to the people with higher prices for goods and services and taxes.

Selangor's Water Deal: Disclose details, Declassify MOU

5 years 6 months
SELANGOR”s water deal with the Federal government has added to the growing controversy and hullaballoo engulfing PKR leaders.

C4 explodes amid kangkung and whistle-blowing

5 years 6 months
A new body calling itself C4 was launched with much kangkung waving, whistleblowing and singing of songs.

C4 set to explode on corruption and cronyism

5 years 6 months
REALISING that corruption and cronyism in this country is taking a toll on the bread and butter issues of the people, a new NGO with the C4 acronym is set to explode, by being the people's monitor, claims one of its co-founders.

C4 meets with full brass of MACC

5 years 6 months
C4 meets with full brass of MACC Commissioners & Advisory Panel members. Charting the way forward to combat corruption — at MACA.