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C4 calls for candour on Kidex

5 years 4 months
Putrajaya, Shah Alam, the PJ city council and the company must respect the public's right to know.'

The era of government knows best is long over!

5 years 4 months
It’s not unusual for the construction of a major infrastructure project such as a highway to be met with protests from affected communities.

C4 exploratory mission to Sabah to build the collective fight against corruption

5 years 4 months
C4 exploratory mission to Sabah seeking collaboration amongst Sabah civil society and people movements to fight corruption; Tan Sri Simon Sipaun C4 Director amongst the panel members.

C4 has been recognized internationally

5 years 4 months
Our director and spokesperson Ms Cynthia Gabriel has been invited for OGP Asia Pacific Regional Conference.

The Battle Against Corruption, Cronyism and Poverty in Malaysia

5 years 5 months
Well attended forum by the Malaysians who resided in Melbourne. "The Battle Against Corruption, Cronyism and Poverty in Malaysia".

Meeting with Ms Elizabeth Lee

5 years 5 months
Meeting with Ms Elizabeth Lee, The Deputy Commissioner and Director of review and assessments of Victoria Independent Broad-Based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC).