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"Whistleblowing - Your Right, Our Commitment" Forum invitation

4 years 10 months
Forum invitation with cooperation with Malaysia Bar Council and C4.

Don’t Criminalize But Protect Whistleblowers: Investigate The Complaint Not The Messenger

4 years 11 months
Whistle blowing – indeed a hazardous venture in Malaysia. Government corruption has gained the wrath of citizens these last few years.

C4 Statement: Time For Effective Action On The Auditor General’s Report (2nd Series 2013)

4 years 11 months
A flurry of media reports accompanied the second series of the Auditor’s General (AG) report 2013. Malaysians are becoming used to this periodic dose of notorious reports of our public sector; a classic certification of how this nation is hemorrhaging itself to death.

Selangorians Have Right To Full Disclosure – Release Results Of Mining Pond Water At The Ongoing State Assembly.

5 years 2 days
This morning the Centre to Combat Corruption & Cronyism (C4), filed a Freedom of Information (FOI) application to the Selangor Water Management Authority (LUAS) to fully disclose all findings of the periodic tests conducted on mining pond water being pumped into dams and water treatment plants.

C4: Genuine public participation - only way to justify Kidex

5 years 3 weeks
It's not unusual for the construction of a major infrastructure project such as a highway to be met with protests from affected communities

C4 calls for candour on Kidex

5 years 3 weeks
Putrajaya, Shah Alam, the PJ city council and the company must respect the public's right to know.'