Procurement as part of Good Governance in New Malaysia: Challenges and Recommendations

Even before the change of government following the general elections that took place on May 9, C4 Center has been a strong advocate for the implementation of a more transparent public procurement policy at the state level. Given the fact that Pakatan Harapan has won federal power, we feel the time could not be more right to push for a comprehensive implementation of a transparent public procurement policy at the federal level.

In light of C4 Center’s unwavering commitment to good governance, we have taken the initiative to conduct research towards a baseline policy paper on public procurement policy in Malaysia. This policy paper analyses Malaysia’s current public procurement policy, its coresponding gaps and problems, and makes recommendations for improvement based on existing good practices. The recommendations, if duly implemented, will be key in ensuring that the government administration, procurement in particular would function with high standards of integrity, openness, and transparency.

Author: Yap Swee Seng & C4 Center
Released: 28 August 2018

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