Pakatan Must Keep Their Word in New Tough Anti-Graft Proposals

PETALING JAYA (Wednesday): Civil society organisations working to promote good governance urge Pakatan Harapan to stay true to their word now that they have pledged to enact serious anti-corruption reforms if they come into power. C4 Center Executive Director, Cynthia Gabriel, says that C4 Center and its coalition partners have been calling for similar reforms.

“We are glad that politicians in Pakatan Harapan recognise that these good governance mechanisms are essential features of a functioning democracy. Pakatan Harapan must not just ride with this to win the elections but to make these actionable” – Cynthia Gabriel, C4 Center

On Tuesday, Pakatan Harapan released a set of five core steps to curb corruption in Malaysia. The anti-graft drive, themed “Bersihkan Malaysia dari Najis Rasuah” (Cleaning up Malaysia from the Scourge of Corruption), aims to make Malaysia one of least corrupt countries in the world by 2030. The five core steps are in line with (GIAT’s) Good Governance Agenda for GE 14 launched in July 2017. GIAT stands for (Governance Integrity Accountability Transparency) which comprises C4 Center, Sinar Project, Transparency International-Malaysia, and Friends of Kota Damansara, myPJ and PROHAM.

GIAT urges the government to take real and effective measures to address the systemic roots of corruption in Malaysia through the independence of the MACC, transparency on funding to political parties, for the enactment of freedom of information laws, and for mandatory asset declaration for politicians and public officials. Additionally, GIAT recommends the independence of the Attorney-General’s chambers, and greater direct civic participation in governance. It is these kinds of important checks and balances as well as forward moving promises that will help bring back the rule of law and end the culture of impunity. – Cynthia Gabriel

It is disappointing that none of the Barisan Nasional leaders have spoken about better governance and stamping out graft and the culture of impunity. We implore that these are strong institutional reforms needed to make Malaysia great again. We see none of these being uttered under Prime Minister Najib Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN2050), Such reforms should be put immediately on the table.

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