C4: We’ll ensure only credible posts on Kleptocrazy Malaysia

7 months 4 weeks
The anti-graft NGO says all cases reported by the public will be verified for credibility before being posted, and will be removed if MACC finds no case.

C4 launches website to allow public to report corruption

7 months 4 weeks
Corruption watchdog C4 has launched a website that allows the public to lodge reports regarding public figures living beyond their means.

C4: Find Pastor Koh same way Peter Chong was traced

9 months 5 days
The NGO urges police to investigate the 'bizarre' circumstances surrounding activist Peter Chong's trip to Hatyai and Pattaya.

Let public join in fight against corruption, C4 tells MACC

9 months 1 week
They can be the eyes and the ears of MACC, says C4 excutive director Cynthia Gabriel

C4 wants citizens to sniff out kleptocracy trails

9 months 2 weeks
C4 is looking for volunteers to sniff out corruptions by taking photographs of unexplained luxurious properties and cars.