In The News: PM needs to declassify 1MDB reports to tackle trust deficit

Anti-graft watchdog C4 Center director Cynthia Gabriel said PM Najib Tun Razak has yet to explain DoJ’s assertions that US$681 million were transferred from 1MDB to his bank accounts...  Cynthia said the failings of 1MDB were caused by deliberate failed investments, fraudulent transfers and the use of offshore banks and shell companies, as well as the purchases of luxury properties and paintings. “The only way for Najib to bridge the huge trust deficit was if he told the truth. Declassify the 1MDB report. Be accountable. Cooperate in the (overseas) criminal probes, only then people will have some confidence,” she said.

This was in reaction to the Prime Minister speaking at InvestMalaysia 2018, conceded there were failings with regard to 1MDB but claimed that certain quarters who wanted to sabotage the nation's economy for political gain had amplified the issue. Najib told his audience that he would not brush over the 1MDB issue and admitted there were valid grounds for concern.

The Malaysian Insight, "Najib slammed for playing down 1MDB scandal", 24 Jan 2018,