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C4 Center is committed towards propagating good governance across various levels of the administrative institutions of Malaysia.

As we dedicate our effort towards combating corruption, the work that goes into it demands extensive labour.

These activities range from the policy recommendation stage to pursuing in-depth investigations and engaging with anti-corruption stakeholders all the way to campaigning with the grassroots communities which require intense resources acquired from public funding. Therefore, we can never achieve our goals without funding support.

For this reason, we hope that you will join us in this cause and donate any amount towards our work.

Your financial contribution will be channeled into the following purposes:

Support from ordinary citizens ensures C4 Center’s independence and sustains its commitment towards combating corruption in Malaysia.

Funding from the citizens does not only enable C4 Center to continue pushing for higher accountability from the Malaysian government concerning our system of governance, our work is inspired by like-minded Malaysians who still believe in a brighter future for our nation.

Most importantly, funding from the people also helps safeguard C4’s independence so that we can keep delivering critical information that’s open for everyone to access.

Any contribution, no matter how small or big, is significant for us.

Be our patron today.

Donation to support our work:

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