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Police Accountability

Police accountability is about keeping enforcement agencies responsible and accountable towards abuses of power, such as violent police reactions to peaceful assemblies; arbitrary detention; shootings; police beatings and deaths in custody; so that the people’s trust towards the Royal Malaysian Police can be improved.

While there had been talks of reviewing the Independent Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) Bill, the new Independent Police Conduct Commission IPCC) Bill presents a watered-down version of its predecessor to the extent that the latter would be devoid of disciplinary powers against any offenders, while giving space for offenders to hide information.

Not only would it fail to uphold police accountability, it diminishes the accountability mechanism already in place. A reinforced commission with the power to uphold police accountability in a stricter fashion is needed not only to rebuild the people’s trust in the police force, but also to eliminate detrimental elements within the police force itself.