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Party hopping has become common practice in the Malaysian political system. Election seasons are notorious for rumours of MPs being offered positions in government, millions of ringgit, and more, to switch political allegiances. These corrupt practices are endemic and must be curbed.

While an MP does have the freedom to associate, the often underhanded ways in which this occurs leaves voters feeling betrayed and risks eroding the trust of the public in the election process. It reached its head in 2020 when several political betrayals caused the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan federal government.

An anti-hopping law must be introduced which includes mechanisms that allow for an MP to switch parties while also preserving the integrity of the electoral process. This may include a process for new elections when such changes happen. In any case, the main goal must be to increase transparency and curb the corrupt practices used to buy over MPs, this is where money politics must be eliminated.

  • Govt postpones anti-party hopping and PM tenure limit Bill

    March 18, 2022 The government has postponed the tabling of the Federal Constitution (Amendments) 2022 Bill on Anti-Party Hopping and Limiting the Tenure of the Prime Minister, from its initial deadline — the current Parliament sitting ending March 24. In a statement today, de facto law minister Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the […]

  • Anti-hopping Bill to be tabled after conclusion of engagement sessions — Wan Junaidi

    March 18, 2022 The Bill for an anti-hopping law and to limit the tenure of the Prime Minister to 10 years will only be tabled at the Dewan Rakyat after opinions and input from all quarters are obtained and all the engagement sessions are concluded. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Datuk […]

  • Anti-hopping and PM term limit Bills will be tabled by March, Minister confirms

    February 18, 2022 Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar today said the proposed new laws against switching political parties and limiting the prime minister’s term will be tabled in March. He said it had been difficult to get the new laws approved but was made possible […]

  • Anti-hopping bill to be tabled on Feb 28

    January 20, 2022 The government said it will table an anti-hopping bill during the Feb 28 Dewan Rakyat sitting. Law minister Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the tabling of the bill was in line with Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s desire to speed up the enactment of an anti-hopping law. Yesterday, Lembah Pantai MP Fahmi […]

  • Jabatan Peguam Negara, BHEUU kaji had jawatan PM tak lebih 10 tahun

    Disember 7, 2021 Bahagian Hal Ehwal Undang-Undang (BHEUU) bersama Jabatan Peguam Negara sedang mengkaji tempoh perkhidmatan Perdana Menteri dihadkan tidak melebihi 10 tahun. Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Parlimen dan Undang-undang), Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar berkata, kajian mengenai isu itu dibuat bagi mendapatkan pandangan orang awam, agensi kerajaan, pertubuhan masyarakat sivil (CSO) dan badan bukan […]

  • Perjumpaan ketua-ketua parti Disember ini, bincang RUU Anti-Lompat Parti

    November 25, 2021 Satu perjumpaan akan diadakan bersama ketua-ketua parti pada December depan bagi membincangkan tentang cadangan menggubal Rang Undang-Undang (RUU) Anti-Lompat Parti. Perkara itu dimaklumkan Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri (Parlimen dan Undang-Undang), Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar dalam sidang Dewan Rakyat pagi ini. Beliau berkata, satu kaji selidik juga telah dibangunkan […]

  • Party-hopping among issues to be addressed in constitutional amendments by July next year, Parliament told

    November 15, 2021 A series of amendments to the Federal Constitution will be tabled in Parliament by July next year, including on the issue of party-hopping, the Dewan Rakyat was told. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Parliament and Law) Datuk Seri Dr Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said the amendments would also limit the tenure […]

  • Law minister: AG to draft anti-hopping law

    September 23, 2021 The Attorney General has been asked to draft the anti-hopping law, the Dewan Rakyat was told today. Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (Parliament and Law) Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar said however, it will require in-depth research as it was a complicated matter. “The government has just started, the legal […]

  • Call for anti-party hopping law: Then and now

    August 29, 2021 In 2018, the de facto law minister, the late Liew Vui Keong, wrote in a parliamentary reply that an anti-party hopping law to deter lawmakers from defecting was not on the agenda for the government as it violates Article 10(1)(c) of the Federal Constitution – the freedom of association. However, the position […]

  • Muhyiddin says Bills to ban party hopping, limit PM’s tenure on the cards

    13 Aug 2021 (PN) Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced that two Bills will be tabled in Parliament should the government manage to get more than two-thirds bipartisan support from the Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara. The two Bills are: The Constitutional Amendment Bill Anti-Party Hopping Bill.  The former Bill will reduce the tenure of […]