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Parliamentary Services

The Parliamentary Services Act 1963 (PSA) had provided Parliament with rights to conduct its own administration, staffing and financing, keeping a clear line between the executive powers and Parliament. However, when this was repealed in 1992, the autonomy of Parliament was imperiled, with Parliament services moved to the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister’s Department. 

After a call by lawmakers to reinstate the bill in 2005, the Parliament Service Bill was declared ready to be tabled in January 2020, with a statement that the government is fine-tuning and reviewing the establishment of the Parliament Service Commission in November 2020.

However, that was the last time anything was reported on the PSA. It is important for this Bill to be passed and not forgotten, as it will be the line of clear separation between the executive and the legislature, reducing the possibility of undue influence on either party, while upholding transparency in the governing of the country.