MyGov Reform Tracker Report

C4 Center started tracking developments on the implementation of the NACP since it was launched. A total of 11 out of the 115 initiatives are being tracked by C4 Center. Two other initiatives which are not part of the NACP, (Anti-Party Hopping Law and Environmental Governance) are also being tracked and included in this report as these topics became essential to the overall reform plan of Malaysia.

The areas being tracked are:

1. Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 (Reform)

2. Freedom of Information Act

3. Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission

4. Asset Declaration Law

5. Separation of the AG &PP

6. Establishment of Parliamentary Select Committees

7. Parliamentary Service Act

8. Ombudsman Act

9. Reform the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission

10. Political Finance Law

11. Public Procurement Act

12. Anti-Party Hopping Law

13. Environmental Governance

These 13 areas being tracked are initiatives that are crucial to addressing the poor governance and corruption problem holistically in our country. This report tracks the various announcements made by the Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers and their Deputies, government head of departments and agencies, and the reports published by GIACC. Readers will be able to track various promises and announcements made and how politicians and the government have been flip-flopping on their words.

All three governments since the 2018 General Elections have failed in different ways and times to implement the NACP. This is discussed further on the next specific reform area tracking pages. It is important to note the key dates and events below to gauge which of the unelected governments post Sheraton move had spurned the reform agenda and set the country spiralling downward.

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