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The environmental impact assessment (EIA) for Lynas’s Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) revealed that 202.35 hectares (ha) of Bukit Ketam will be developed as a Multi-Category Industrial Scheduled Waste Disposal Site (MCISW Disposal Site). This area will be carved out of the Bukit Kuantan Forest Reserve and Lynas’s PDF will take up 58.25ha or 29% of this land.

The company in charge of developing Lynas' RM400m Permanent Disposal Facility (PDF) is Gading Senggara Sdn Bhd.

Who is behind Gading Senggara Sdn Bhd?

Punishment of Whistleblower Judge A Regressive Step in Calling Out Corruption and Injustice

What stands out from this entire ordeal however, is how inadequately Judge Hamid, a whistleblower, was protected. Never before in our country’s history has a sitting judge so openly called out potential misconduct within the judiciary. Judge Hamid must have known that there would be backlash, but the sheer lack of support or protection for this act of whistleblowing is astounding. His courage in calling out judicial misconduct amounting to potential corruption among judges has been used to punish him and be made an example of to others who may do the same. It is clear also that the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 is essentially toothless in its overriding purpose to protect whistleblowers, as it does not cover these circumstances.

Malaysia Falls Six Ranks in CPI, Mark of Corruption Seeping Deeper into the Nation

C4 Center urges PM Muhyiddin to take this as a serious call to rework his administration towards strengthening the independence of our institutions, as we prepare the country for a difficult time to restore faith in the economy, faith in the political system, and to restore the rule of law.

Taman Rimba Kiara a hard-fought victory

The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center) lauds the unanimous decision made by the Court of Appeal with regards to the Taman Rimba Kiara case, where the development order for the project is considered null and void.

Meat cartel scandal sign of how corruption affects everyday life

This is yet another example of how corruption can have a deep-rooted impact to the lives of the people. It was only now exposed that there were questionable meats, but Tajuddin confirmed that the cartels have been in place for a long time.

Grave abuse of power has no place in Malaysia's administration: C4 Center supports AGC’s study on Ku Nan’s sentence

The sentence of 12 months’ jail and a fine of RM2 million, along with the guilty verdict for former Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan “Ku Nan” represents a laudable step towards the cleaning up of corruption in the country.