Media Release: Malaysia's Plunge in CPI is a Call to Stop Kleptocrats


22 February 2018 Media Release

Kuala Lumpur (Thursday): C4 Center is disturbed that Malaysia has plunged 7 spots in the just released Transparency International's Global (TI) Corruption Perception Index. It has reaffirmed our biggest concerns that PM Najib Razak and his administration are corrupt, and have shown no will to reform a 60 year old system entrenched with corruption and abuse of power at all levels.

Today, TI released its annual report of a survey measuring the perceived level of perception in 180 countries, which is a composite aggregate of surveys of experts, business analysts and the general public. Malaysia's overall score slipped from 49 to 47, out of a possible 100, leading to a drop in overall rank to 62th. Thiscontinues on a downward trend of a 10 notch slip since 2015.

C4 Center concurs that unresolved issues surrounding the grand larceny of the 1MDB and the shocking plundering of public funds through GLCs like FELDA and MARA scandals indicate thatthe rot is spreading across different public institutions.

But more than these incidents themselves, the problems lie in the entiresystem of public administration, the nexus between politics and business are those that have contributed to these corruption crimes in the first place.

The complicity of the current Attorney-General and their refusal to charge SRC International despite MACC's appeal is too damning of the current system, and the financial mismanagement of the country's resources is plain for all to see.

C4 Center Executive Director Cynthia Gabriel is extremely concerned about ensuring change must happen in a positive direction.

"The 14th general elections are looming before us. What does the latest index mean for the average ‘rakyat’ when casting their votes? A strong signal to reject corruption, corrupt leaders and the culture of ‘rasuah’ must be at the heart of all Malaysians that desire change."

C4 Center encourages the public to take advantage of the range of citizen mobilisation programmes we have prepared:, which allows citizens to report dubious wealth of politicians and top officials to C4 Center; myCleanCity which allows citizens to report; educate yourself with a range of C4 Center reports and spread awareness of anti-corruption principles with Kleptopoly: the Board Game.

Let the plunge in the CPI index 2017 be our clarion call for clean, ethical governance. The time is NOW!

Released by:
Cynthia Gabriel
Executive Director, C4 Center

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