Langkawi: Good Governance, The Pillar to a Successful Tourism Industry

In 2017, C4 Center was invited to Langkawi by a handful of local organisations to study the issues afflicting governance and the sustainability of Langkawi. C4 Center conducted three field trips across the year, interviewing members of civil society, lay people, business stakeholders and government agencies as an independent assessment of the litany of complaints present in the resort island.

The result is an eye-opening account. The never-before published tales revealed a range of ill-advised activities which, if left unchecked, can threaten the tourism treasures of Langkawi. This is the first report of its kind: an on-the-ground take from local players, extracted directly from stakeholders. 

We hope that this report will spur on change in the right direction towards better governance, a deeper commitment towards sustainable development, and for a better Langkawi where all Malaysians can prosper, free from corruption. 

Download the report HERE. (3.3mb, 40 pages)