A democracy is “rule by the people”. A Kleptocracy is the terrible “rule by thieves”. What do these Kleptocrats do when in power? They steal the people’s money, that’s what!

C4 Center is proud to bring to you KLEPTOPOLY: THE BOARD GAME, designed to help you understand the ins and outs of asset declaration, money laundering and anti-corruption work. We engaged the talents of Hardknock Creatives to deliver a game experience that uses the Malaysian scenario to show you how terrible kleptocracy can be… and that citizens, we have a powerful role to play in checking the government!

Kleptopoly is inspired by the brazen thievery of Malaysian public monies in the 1MDB scandal and using the United States Department of Justice Civil Forfeiture suits. 

Kleptopoly – Premium

Kelptopoly – Premium: MYR 105 + shipping RM15
Get on the Wait List! http://eepurl.com/dAhUlv RM 105.00

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Kleptopoly – Standard

Kleptopoly – Standard: MYR45 +  shipping RM15
(email kleptopoly@c4center.org to inquire)RM 45.00

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Kleptopoly is a board game for 2-4 players based on Monopoly. Not only do you buy, sell and trade properties as in the original game, but the properties can be CLEAN or CORRUPT. If your corrupt properties are exposed, they will be seized and you will go to jail! Play as the fat financier, MR KLEPTO, the cunning corporate MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1, the greedy and glamorous SHOPPER MAMA, or the secretive ARAB DONOR. Let’s play a game to see how much these monsters are actually capable of stealing… or can the cleanest, most honest politician win? 

1MDB-INSPIRED PROPERTIES! Jet set around the world as a businessperson buying properties… and luxuries. But do you truly deserve them?

THE RAJA BOMOH COMPELS YOU! Consult the future through the Raja Bomoh. You might get a windfall profit… or the ACA knocking at your door!

ONG MEANS PROSPERITY! Ong cards determine if your property is clean or corrupt. Each property gets an Ong card when you buy them.

DECLARE YOUR ASSETS! The anti-corruption agency investigates your properties. Prove your innocence, or go to jail if they are corrupt!

EXPLOIT OFFSHORE TAX HAVENS! Negotiate with the owner of Cayman Island to hide your corrupt assets. But only a few properties can be hidden!

Game Components (Premium Set)


We released pictures of the game on 14 October on the C4 Center Facebook page, and it went viral with many requests for orders coming in and gathering a lot of media attention! We also did a playtest at the Himpunan Rakyat “Sayangi Malaysia, Hapuskan Kleptokrasi”, which received huge applause from the crowd.

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Kleptopoly – Premium

Kelptopoly – Premium: MYR 105 + shipping RM15
Get on the Wait List! http://eepurl.com/dAhUlvRM 105.00

Stock: 0

Kleptopoly – Standard

Kleptopoly – Standard: MYR45 +  shipping RM15
(email kleptopoly@c4center.org to inquire)RM 45.00

Stock: 0


How can I get a copy of Kleptopoly? 
Update June 2018: You can still get standard edition sets of Kleptopoly through postal order through this page.  You can also do a walk-in (cash and carry only) at our offices 10am to 5.30pm on weekdays. Bulk orders should be made through kleptopoly@c4center.org
Kleptopoly is still in production with a launch target of mid-November 2017. You can click on “Add to Cart” above to use our e-commerce system to purchase a copy! Currently, premium sets are on fulfilment back order as C4 Center only receives small batches periodically — if you do get a premium set, we’ll notify you when it is ready (likely December 2017)! Orders can eventually be collected at our office in PJ, or posted to you (additional charges apply). However, if you want to get a copy as soon as possible, we have standard sets ready right now!

Are there additional overseas shipping charges? 
Unfortunately, yes. We will have to bill you separately for international shipping charges. You may contact us directly to inquire at kleptopoly@c4center.org

What is the youngest player age for Kleptopoly?
Due to the small parts, we recommend Kleptopoly to be played by children 14 years and above only. 

What is the difference between the Premium Set and the Standard Set? 
The premium set comes with the four collectible handcrafted miniatures, resin-molded house and mansion tokens, and a premium two-piece telescoping box. The standard set uses cardboard tokens for the house and player tokens, and a flip-top box instead. Other components are the same. 

Are the miniatures coloured? 
They will be shipped in a uniform grey colour. The colour unit of Mr Klepto is for illustration purposes only. However, once purchased, you are welcome to customise and paint them as you please!

Where can I find a copy of the rulebook? 
You may download it here

[Pre-order] Are Premium sets sold out? 
We have more stock available now for order! Initially we quickly ran out of Premium sets, as we honestly didn’t expect such a high level of response. After discussion with the printers and Hardknock Creatives, we are able to increase the order and re-open Premium Set reservations, althought there might be a delay in fulfilment. Here’s your chance to get a copy before they run out again!
(Update June 2018: Premium sets are now completely sold out, after the additional order. We’re looking into how we can get more sets. Please email kleptopoly@c4center.org for further inquiries.)

[Pre-order] I have placed an order but have not been asked to pay yet? 
We’re still sorting out payment details as well. We’ll contact you shortly on how to make payment. 

For more information about C4 Center, read more about our mission and our team. You can also find out more about the 1MDB scandal through our report, “Understanding Cross Border Corruption and Money Laundering”.