JOB OPPORTUNITY: Advocacy Officer

Position: Advocacy Officer

Project: Access to Information & Open Governance Initiative

Project Period: 2 years

Project Description:

Governance and Integrity are fast gaining traction in today’s political landscape. Malaysians have been awakened to the ills and weaknesses of our public administration, and are demanding greater accountability and responsiveness on issues of public policy and public interest.

With widespread corruption being exposed at the highest levels of political leadership, accompanied by a culture of impunity, C4 Center strives to change the culture of governance at every level, through increased public awareness and participation.

We advocate for greater freedom of information laws and open data initiatives, challenge secrecy policies, and work to strengthen and create better oversight mechanisms for good governance.

Project responsibilities

1. Develop and implement a 2 year action plan to roll out an effective freedom of information and open government campaign – including the filing of test cases, pushing the doors of engagement wider between government and
civil society, and working to deepen civic participation in shaping public policy.
2. Seize opportunities to build networks at resident association and community levels, within civil society and other stakeholders
3. Facilitate and write organizational statements and brief positions on the project topic
4. Promote and link the human rights and anti corruption framework in the context of open government and right to information.

The candidate:
- Should have more than 3 years work experience, preferably in the field of journalism or law.
- Must be proficient in English and Bahasa Malaysia
- Must have good communication skills
- A passion in the work to combat corruption and promote good governance
- Must be able to work independently and have good team spirit.

Salary Range: RM 2700 (Fresh Grad) and up to RM4000 for more experienced candidates. EPF and insurance benefits are included.

To apply submit your CV and Cover Letter to: no later than August 20, 2017, 11.59PM (extended)