Forest Governance

Forest Governance is a central theme for C4 in the year 2016 and 2017. There is a strong connection between businesses and political masters to reap profits by destroying the rain forest and the livelihood of the Orang Asli. The rain forest is not only a Malaysian national treasure, but a global heritage that needs to be protected at all costs. Recognizing the depth of corruption challenges in forest governance, C4 Center works with the indigenous people intensified. We work with the MACC, various officials from law enforcement agencies, and the Orang Asli Affairs department to the villages to address ongoing issues of land encroachment by logging companies and the state, illegal loggings and poor planning and administration of our forests.
We have organized 2 large complaints clinics in the following locations as part of our outreach program:

1. Kg Banun (Grik Perak)
2. Kg Jias C (Gua Musang, Kelantan)

High Level officials from MACC, JAKOA and Forestry Department spoke to the Orang Asli directly. We will continue to facilitate consultation process wi`th ing the process, with the hope that the Orang Asli could be better engaged and equipped to document and report more complaints with the MACC and other agencies.