Whistleblower Protection

C4 Webinar: Is there any real protection for whistleblowers?

C4 Center  is leading a campaign on Whistleblower protection and one of the activity is national consultation to propose the necessary amendments to the act, in collaboration  with the Governance, Integrity, Anti-Corruption Center (GIACC)  and Law Department  in the  Prime  Minister Department (BHEUU).

A first round table Webinar (Series 1) was held on November 6, 2020  entitled:  Whistleblowers Vital to Break the Chain of Corruption. Is There Protection?

Punishment of Whistleblower Judge A Regressive Step in Calling Out Corruption and Injustice

What stands out from this entire ordeal however, is how inadequately Judge Hamid, a whistleblower, was protected. Never before in our country’s history has a sitting judge so openly called out potential misconduct within the judiciary. Judge Hamid must have known that there would be backlash, but the sheer lack of support or protection for this act of whistleblowing is astounding. His courage in calling out judicial misconduct amounting to potential corruption among judges has been used to punish him and be made an example of to others who may do the same. It is clear also that the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010 is essentially toothless in its overriding purpose to protect whistleblowers, as it does not cover these circumstances.