Grand Corruption

Foundations and Donations: Political Financing, Corruption, and the Pursuit of Power

When prominent politicians in Malaysia were charged for corruption, including a former Prime Minister, his deputy, and an ex-Chief Minister of Sabah, their court cases brought to public notice a longstanding occurrence in the financing of politics: the abuse of foundations.

Rosmah Mansor Graft Trial worth RM1.25 billion

Rosmah Mansor's corruption case is a clear example how resources are diverted from the poor. In the end, the taxpayers' money being stolen and the public, robbed

Corruption highlights in 2020

2020 was a major step backwards for good governance and anti-corruption in Malaysia. Watch our video to recap some key moments where things went wrong. Let's hope for a better year ahead.

Grave abuse of power has no place in Malaysia's administration: C4 Center supports AGC’s study on Ku Nan’s sentence

The sentence of 12 months’ jail and a fine of RM2 million, along with the guilty verdict for former Federal Territories minister Tengku Adnan “Ku Nan” represents a laudable step towards the cleaning up of corruption in the country.