C4 Webinar: Is there any real protection for whistleblowers? | C4 Center

In order  to encourage more individuals to come  forward and whistleblow, there must be several changes made to  the Whistleblower Protection Act 2010, for it to have meaning for the public to have confidence in the system.

C4 Center  is leading a campaign on Whistleblower protection and one of the activity is national consultation to propose the necessary amendments to the act, in collaboration  with the Governance, Integrity, Anti-Corruption Center (GIACC)  and Law Department  in the  Prime  Minister Department (BHEUU).

A first round table Webinar (Series 1) was held on November 6, 2020  entitled:  Whistleblowers Vital to Break the Chain of Corruption. Is There Protection?

It  was attended by 180 participants from both the public and private sector. This was an outstanding number,  the discussion were rich in content and analysis. It was also captured by a few media. More engagement sessions  will be held in 2021.

Panel sessions:

  • Mr Christopher Leong, Former Bar Council Chairman
  • Mr John Chung, Compliance Counsel, Intel Asia Region
  • Mr R. Nadeswaran a.k.a Citizen Nades , Senior Investigative Journalist
  • Mr Sudhagaran Stanley, C4 Center (moderator)

Recording of the webinar is also available on our YouTube channel @C4Center.




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