C4 Center Quarterly Report (May-August)

This quarter of 2022 was eventful for C4 Center, from issuing plenty of incendiary press statements to launching the highly coveted PFI Report, a lot went down!

Our social media saw a spike in followers and engagements. C4 Center also released our very first podcast on Police Accountability reforms on Youtube. To watch, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfKN-Rydw1k&feature=youtu.be. On top of that, a few C4 Center team members also did a couple of TV and Radio interviews deliberating on various issues ranging from Najib Razak’s conviction to the LCS Scandal.

C4 Center team continues to grow as we welcomed five new interns to join our team. We further strengthened our outreach on whistleblower protection as we co-organised a one-day forum with Malaysia Bar Council on the subject matter.

The team also attended workshops and events held by other NGOs to show our stand on the matters discussed. We even went to a private school to educate a group of children on human rights matters. Overall, the first quarter of 2022 went favourably for C4 Center. More to come in the upcoming quarters.

Here we present you the complete insights into all our works across this quarter. If you like our work then do support us by liking, sharing and making a contribution to our works. Thank you.

The full report is available on the C4 website: https://c4center.org/wp-content/uploads/C4-Center-Quartely-Report-May-August.pdf




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