Business in Politics

Seeking Control of Malaysia’s Political System

A major feature of Malaysia’s political system has been the persistent link between politics and business, a phenomenon commonly referred to as money politics or political business. This political-business nexus has a multi-dimensional form, with each trait subject to change. The Center to Combat Corruption and Cronyism (C4 Center) has prepared Business in Politics: Seeking Control of Malaysia’s Political System, a report that draws attention to previously unnoted forms of connections between politics and business that merit attention, what we have termed as business-in-politics, with a focus on sitting Members of Parliament. The MPs under review have been mired in controversial corporate-related matters, have off-shore accounts and foreign business interests, or have hopped out of the party or coalition under whose ticket they won a seat in Parliament.

Four forms of business-in-politics forms have been identified:

  1. politicians who belong to a family business or are closely related to owners of such firms;
  2. children of former government leaders who were active in business, but now are MPs;
  3. people in business entering politics; and
  4. former executives from the private sector and GLCs now in politics.

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