The 1MDB Chronicles Exposed

It’s a tale which is so fantastic that it will make a Hollywood scriptwriter proud. It has a cast of a king/sultan, princes, a prime minister and his stepson, Arab sheikhdoms, and a deal-making, baby-faced whizz kid who was in his twenties when it all started - the apparent brains behind the deals, who cavorts with actors and other luminaries, has a proclivity for grand parties and yachts, exorbitant tastes, runs philanthropies and is close to the very top echelons of political leadership in Malaysia. The loot is large with assets involved of about RM50 billion. It’s a tale of brazen outright theft and corruption in the tens of billions of ringgit - perhaps the largest in the world - a result of reckless, arrogant audacity because there is no way that it will not eventually come out into the open. For good measure it includes too rather devious means of siphoning off further billions which will never show up in the accounts, even if they are audited, such as bond mispricing and overpayment for assets.

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